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Rajasthan Map

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Itis credited to the largest state of India. The land of rich cultural heritagein the form of formidable forts, large and small, magnificent palaces, havelicarved with paintings, exquisite step wells, temples, beautiful garden,enchanting lakes and exotic wild life sanctuaries.

It is a land of Valorous peoplewhose honour, pride, chivalry and martial tradition are full of legend andhistory. The age old legends and stories are still part and partial of folktales and folk lore of Hadi Ram, the beautiful Queen of Chittaurgarh Padamini,the pious Mira Bai and love stories of Dhola Maru and Mommal - Mahendra ofMarwar . The Golden, sand and variety of colour provide the exquisitehandicrafts produced and available at every tourist place in Rajasthan. It is aland of all colours and season for domestic and international tourist. Theworld heritage site of Maharaja Jai Singh’s observatory Jantar Mantar isimportant land marks.


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