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Odisha Map

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The land of Odisha has historical nameof Kalinga. The war of Kalinga had virtually changed the mind set of MauryanKing Asoka, who adopted Buddhist after the war. The state of Chhattisgarhlocated on the west, Bay of Bengal on the east, Andhra Pradesh on thesouth-east and Madhya Pradesh on the west. The state has three great drainage systemsof the Mahanadi, the Brahmani and the Baitarani. The world famous fresh waterlake is located in the state of Odisha and known as Chilika Lake.

The one of the holy cities of Hindusknown for famous 10th century Jagannath temple at Puri is Black Pagodaor Konarka and many Hindu and Jain caves, Buddhist monuments of Ratnagiri arelocated in the state. The state famous for great traditional and classical dancesof music, handicraft, art, temple and cave architecture. The colourful people,the Hirakund dam, the Raurkela Steel Plant are the major achievement of modernIndian technology. The Odisha is the land of past and present Chandi-- at- Seais Indian space Research Organisation, missile testing range is also located inthe state. Odisha is abound with natural beauty, the land of blue mountainsdotted with fertile plains, beautiful beaches, mighty rivers and magnificentwaterfalls.

Odisha is a mixture of past splendoursand modernity.


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