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Madhya Pradesh Map

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The vast plate ace is bifurcated bythe mighty Vindhya and Satpura mountain ranger giving birth to numerous riversas majestic Narmada, Chambal, Betwa   and Shipra. The eastern plateau is densely forested while the westernpart of Malwa is abound with agricultural crops of wheat and cotton. TheNarmada and Tapti River testify the Pre-historic settlements on their banks andserved as link between east and west of India for passage to the distant lands.

            Thestate bears the great history in the form of Buddhist and Hindu monuments atSanchi. The origin of glorious history of the Mauryan king the Asoka who builtthe original Sanchi Stupa on the hill of Bhilsa Tope. The Majestic monuments ofthe state speak the history of warriors and builders, poets and musician, emperorand kingdoms saint and philosophers. The majestic history of the state studdedwith monuments of Sanchi caves of Bhimbetaka, Temples of Khajuraho as worldheritage sites. It is also re sounds the history of Sunga, Chandragupta,Vikramaditya, King Harsha, Raj Bhoj, the Chandelle rulers, the Sultans of Delhiand last but not the least the great Mughal. The History of the Madhya Pradesh hasmingling of four diverse religions of India and gave rise to vibrant, distinctart and architectural edifice in her lap.

Madhya Pradesh is a sate with greatnatural grandeur as its great plateau are abounds with some of the finest gamereserve and wild life sanctuaries in Asia with biggest collection of wild lifereserve in the country. It has variety of tourist resorts for leisure metourist, who seeks 180 solitude and tranquillity. The wildlife, trekking ,rockclimbing combined with its cultural heritage in the form of art and architecture,wonderful handicrafts is real delight for the variety of tourist destinationswith distinction of its own.


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