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Karnataka Map

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The state of garden and Palacessituated on the western fringes of South India. It came into existence in 1stNovember 1973 from the erstwhile state of Mysore. The history of state goesback to the Mauryan King Asoka. In the historical past, it became the seat ofthree great dynastic of Karnataka the Kadambas, the Hoysalas and Vijaynagar(Hampi) rulers. The state has beautiful gardens, wild life sanctuaries, ornate templesand other historical buildings. Fast changing modern IT hubs, preserving the ancientculture, customs, and religious practise have been deep impact on the life ofpeople makes, the land as the most fascinating place to visit withunforgettable experience. Every dynasty has left a deep imprint on art,architectural and social life of people , the simplicity of local people thebefitting princely state of Mysore attract tourist for grandiose celebration ofDusshera  festival procession in allancient splendour. The state is famous for its handicraft in sandal wood,stone, metal, rose wood and ivory. The silk of Karnataka is one of the statesof India which produces the quality silk. The sandal wood artefacts and oil arefamous since Roman period.


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