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Himachal Pradesh Map

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Himachal Pradesh is located in the North- West corner of India eight inthe lap of upper Himalaya region. It is bounded by Jammu and Kashmir on North;Punjab is west and South, West Haryana in South, Uttrakhand in South- East andTibet on the east. The state is a veritable tourist paradise for both winterand summer seasons with adventure sports as their specialization. HimachalPradesh was trifurcated from Punjab attainted statehood on January 25th,1971 with Shimla, as the est. while British Summer capital, as its capital. Thestate is crowned with mighty snow covered peaks, deep gorges, flower, laden meadowsand green pastures in upper reaches, enchanting lakes, source of two mightyrivers of Punjab Sutlej and Beas. The Shimla with British architectural legacyis the most hill station in Northern India. The enchanting beauty of both manand nature of Kullu and Kangra valleys attract foreign tourist. Manila hasunique flavour for adventure sports in Solang valley. The renowned Daskkar valleyof Kullu is worth to witness the Kullu Dusshera festival. The Hidamba DeviTemple at Manali is a wonderful wooden temple of 8th century A.D.

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Himachal Pradesh