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Gujarat Map

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The state of Gujaratlocated on the extreme western coast of India enclosed by the Arabian sea onthe west, Pakistan on the north-west Rajasthan on north, Madhya Pradesh issouth –east and Maharashtra on the South. The fertile land prosperous landcolourful people with rich colour heritage, history, tradition and customers.The gateway to the strong commercial and cultural links with the Middle Eastand Sumerian civilization some 5000 years from now in the time of Indus Valleycivilization. Form last three millennium B.C. the state is exposed to outsideinfluence through trade, consequent and immigration. It has attained its culturalidentity and traditional value in spite of all the odds. It is the birth placeof Father of Nation Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi in Porbandar. A home of cultureland of gentle most industrious people rich in value culture. 


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