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Goa Map

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The smallest state of Union territorylocated on the western coast of Indian peninsula. The Terekhol River lies inthe north which separate it dorm state of Maharashtra, the Karnataka lies onthe south, the west has mighty Arabian Sea and on the east lays the WesternGhats.

The state is abound with rich culturalheritage known in the past as Gomachala, Gopakattan, Gopakapuri, Govarastraetc. In the 1st century A.D. it-become the part of the Satvahanadynasty followed by the Kadambas, the Rashtrakutas of Malked, the Western Chulukyasand the Sikhara. The rulers of Yadav's were replaced by the Khailiji Sultan ofDelhi in 14th century A.D. and thus Muslim rule came to Goa.

After the discovery of sea route by Vosco-da- Gama in the 14th century, many Portuguese traders came to India.During 1510 Alfonso de Albuquerque with the help of Vijaynagar dynasty attackedand captured Goa. The advent of Roman Catholic Church Jesuit Saint FranciscoXavier in came 1542; this began with the establishment of Roman Catholic Churchcolony. The Portuguese continued to rule over the Goa territory except for anintermediate period during the latter half 17th century. After theIndependence of the country in 1947, the Goa continued under the rule of thePortuguese unable to fulfil the aspirations of the Goon People and ultimatelyon December  19th, 1961 after451 years Portuguese rule liberated and created a composite Union Territorywith Daman and Diu. On may 3 1987, Goa was given the status of state detachingit from 25 year of old Union Territory of Goa, Daman and Din. The entire stateis dotted with most magnificent churches, Hindu temples and beautiful beachesof Goa draw European tourist to enjoy the Sun and sand of these beaches. Goa ishas immense natural beauty, rich cultural heritage for which Goon feel proceed   and they are the connoisseur of art. Theland has glorious past fused with the modern life style.


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