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Bihar Map

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The land of greatreligious importance for Buddhist all over the world. Bihar is bounded on thenorth by Nepal. On the west by east Bengal, on the west by Uttar Pradesh and onthe south by Jharkhand. The drainage of the state comprises of the Ganga cuttingacross Bihar from east to west.

The state has glorious history in the past. The Mauryandynasty ruled from Pataliputra as capital wooden city of Patna. The Sunga, Kushanafollowed by Chandra Gupta Mauryan Vikramaditya of great Gupta dynasty in 3rdand 4th century A.D. During the medieval period it came under the Sultanof Delhi and later the Mughal captured it. The British ruled over the Bihar.The people state played an important role in the Freedom Struggle of India. It wasimportant centre of Learning with name of Vikramsila and Nalanda University inthe past. The Mahabodhi temple of Gaya is the place of great importance ofBuddhist. The plains of Ganga are so fertile and plenty in natural resourceswhich made the state as fountain head of political and cultural civilisationdown to the present millennium. It has large wealth of natural resources whichstill be tapped for industrial growth of the state.


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Bihar Map